Blink Beach Beach Kaftan Dresses - Preview

Our last blog post briefly mentioned that we were expecting some beach dresses and kaftans from Blink Beach. They have now arrived and will be on the websites in the next couple of days.

We thought that it might be a good idea to give you a brief overview about the company and preview the products here first.

The company Blink Beach was founded by Fiona Hodges in 2005. Prior to this, Fiona had worked for Vogue in both London and Sydney, but had spent most of her childhood in India. 

However, it was after her husband organised a surprise trip to India that the buzz of the markets and the beautiful fabrics, colours and embellishments inspired her to create the label. 

The company specialises in luxury resort clothing for children and adults and now has 4 factories in India manufacturing their collections using the best fabric suppliers and manufacturers than India has to offer.
Our selection of children's beachwear has been designed by Blink Beach for those who want to look stylish at any time whether on or off the beach. Click images for a closer view.


Rick Peterson said...

Cute beach dresses! I like your style, it's so simple but very stylish. Having a good dress on the beach makes you more comfortable.

Genevieve Windsor said...

The styles are very simple yet cute. Before I buy clothes for my niece and nephews I consider its material not just the design or style. Again, I want to say your designs are really cool and I am sure cute little girls would love to wear them.

Đông Y Gia Truyền said...

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ogisay said...

that is very cute. Ogisay sure, little girls would love to wear them all.

Michelle said...

First of all, congratulation for your creation; they are looking very cute and adorable kid’s clothes collection. Keep up the good work.

herrik william said...

They say motherhood is the best feeling for any woman. Make it more special by wearing maternity suits in form of Beach Kaftan Dresses. Because you need peace of mind.

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